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Supplier Detailed Information and Forms

Supplier Relations FAQs

Does Rowan accept unsolicited supplier requests?

Rowan does not accept any unsolicted proposals or requests.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please refer to the contact information section for telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

How do I update my Supplier Information?

Suppliers are responsible for updating your information in Ariba using a single secured log on ID and password.

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Supplier Registration

Supplier Registration Process
Rowan utilizes the Ariba Network to register potential supplier inquiries. Registration is simple, easy and there is no cost to suppliers. If you are a current supplier to Rowan, you do not need to complete the registration process. Please log in and access or update your current profile.

For new suppliers or to update your information on Ariba, please click here for the Supplier Training Guide. For questions and inquiries relating to registration through Ariba, please contact

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Supplier Forms

IRS Form 1099-Misc Information
Rowan will issue IRS form 1099-Misc to reportable suppliers each year. If you have questions concerning you 1099-Misc form or have not received a 1099-Misc form for goods and services sold to Rowan, please direct inquiries to:

Accounts Payable

IRS Form W9- Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
Federal statute requires that we obtain your correct taxpayer identification number (TIN), employer identification number (EIN), or social security number (SSN). The Federal Form W-9 is used to collect this necessary information. If your company is a sole-proprietorship and you are providing a social security number, be sure to give the owner’s name associated with the number provided. Please complete the W9 form and email to

Supplier Information Updates
Updates or additions to supplier information (for example, address or bank details) can be submitted via Ariba using your single secured log in user ID and password.

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Invoicing Methods

Electronic Invoices
Rowan preference is for all supplier invoices to be electronically transmitted along with the appropriate backup to the following email address:

Invoicing Instructions

  1. Rowan requests that invoices be issued in a timely manner. Please invoice within 45 days after delivering goods and rendering services.
  2. Email invoices to the address indicated on the Purchase Order. If you email an invoice, do not send a duplicate invoice by regular mail.
  3. Invoices must reference Rowan’s Purchase Order number and match the exact entity.
  4. For suppliers designated a ‘PO Supplier” - If Rowan’s Purchase Order number is missing, invoices may be returned for correction.
  5. For payment status or invoice inquiries, please email

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Payment Methods

Rowan’s preferred method of payment is electronic funds transfer (EFT).

What is EFT?
An electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment is a form of electronic funds transfer that provides a secure, efficient method of receiving payment through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. The ACH Network is a batch- oriented processing and delivery system that provides for the distribution and settlement of electronic transactions and payments among financial institutions.

How do I receive my remittance detail?
Remittance detail will be provided by the bank and may also be received via e-mail. Remittance detail received form the bank conforms to the ANSI X.12.820 standard. To receive remittance detail via email, all information must be filled out in Ariba include the email address. The remittance email will contain the following information:

  • Reference- The supplier’s invoice number
  • Text- Represents information that is entered when processing payment that may indicate special instructions or unique account numbers.
  • Amount- Invoice amount remitted for payment for the associated supplier invoice number
  • PO Number- Supplier’s purchase order for invoice.

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Contact Information

All supplier-related questions or inquiries should be directed to:

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