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North Sea

Rowan first established operations in the North Sea with a semi-submersible rig in 1973. Our North Sea fleet now boasts two Super Gorilla rigs and three N-class jack-ups built specifically to work in this harsh environment and in up to 400 feet of water (121 meters).


Crews in this region operate some of the newest, most advanced jack-up rigs in Norway and work a schedule of two weeks offshore followed by four weeks off the rig. Due to the water depth of our rigs in this area, our crews commute from the same airport where the heliport is located – within walking distance. Our Norway operations are supported by operations management and administrative functions in our Stavanger office.

United Kingdom

Crews working on our highly advanced rigs in the UK sector of the North Sea are supported by offices and a warehouse in Aberdeen, Scotland. Crew members work 21 days offshore followed by 21 days off the rig, and travel to the rigs by helicopter.