Safety Commitment

Rowan has established seven Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Priorities for all Rowan employees and third party personnel working at every facility:

1. The safety of personnel is our first and highest priority. There is no job so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to plan it well and do it safely.

2. You have an obligation and the authority to stop any activity if you believe it is not safe.

3. We will do what’s right. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

4. Our operations will not harm the environment. Each facility will have a plan to prevent pollution and manage any incident to minimize impact to the environment.

5. The Rowan Management System (RMS) is how we conduct our business:
- We shall abide by what is written in our Policies
- We will follow our Procedures
- All rigs and facilities will develop and follow Rig Specific Operating Procedures to perform key operations not sufficiently covered in RMS Policies & Procedures
We must follow our policies, and procedures are meant to capture "best practice." If there is a better way to perform a job, then our procedures should be changed to reflect best work practice.

6. We will perform risk assessments to ensure the safety of our personnel, the environment and our assets. We will either eliminate any hazards or plan our business to manage risks using appropriate safeguards.

7. We will continuously improve our operations in order to protect the health and safety of personnel, safeguard the environment and improve our service quality.