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European Employee Data Privacy Statement

Rowan Companies plc ("Rowan") recognizes that the member states of the European Union ("EU") have implemented data protection regimes established pursuant to the European Data Protection Directive. Among other things, these laws require adequate protection for the transfer of certain personally identifiable information ("PII") about former and current employees (including family members and other dependents) in Europe ("European Employees") when such PII is transferred to Rowan locations in the United States. Therefore, Rowan's subsidiaries and affiliates in Europe and Rowan's US subsidiary, Rowan Companies, Inc. have implemented appropriate contractual clauses based on - and conforming to - the EU standard contractual clauses with respect to such PII of European Employees. Rowan has also communicated with its European Employees regarding such data transfers and has taken other appropriate steps to provide adequate protection for such European Employee PII in accordance with applicable law. European Employees can direct questions, comments, or access requests to the Rowan Privacy Contact at

Effective Date: February 10, 2017